Hydration for Flying

Cellular level hydration helping passengers stay properly hydrated and arriving feeling refreshed at their destination.


What is ElectroFlytes?

ElectroFlytes is an all-natural liquid blend of more than 72+ electrolytes in an 'ionic' state meaning electrolytes are absorbed much quicker and deeper at the cellular level helping passengers to stay properly hydrated and arriving feeling refreshed at their destination.

Why do I need ElectroFlytes?

  • Harsh air

    The cabin environment stands between 10-20% humidity 3 times dryer than the Sahara Desert!

  • Water loss

    On a 10 hour flight men can lose up to 2L of water, and women up to 1.6 Litres of water.

  • Dehydration

    Just 2% dehydration starts to impact our health & wellbeing, dry skin, nose and throat, decreased immunity and decreased cognition. The longer the flight, the worse this becomes.

What's in it?

4 Key Electrolytes
72+ Trace Minerals


Makes 10 Litres of Electrolyte drinks

No calories, flavourings, colourings or additives

Carry through customs pocket bottle

Pick your
 favourite colour!

ElectroFlytes are the same inside the bottle, but we’re all on a different journey… Pick your colour!

Electroflytes - Green - Electrolytes for Flying - Travel Essentials
Electroflytes - Pink - Electrolytes for Flying - Travel Essentials
Electroflytes - Yellow - Electrolytes for Flying - Travel Essentials


How does ElectroFlytes work?

ElectroFlytes works by providing your body with the correct balance of electrolytes. Most people think hydration is about ‘total’ fluid intake. In fact, it’s how your body is able to ‘manage’ the fluid inside that ensures proper hydration and to achieve this, you need to consume the correct balance of electrolytes, in the correct state, especially when flying.

What does Magnesium do?

Can I add ElectroFlytes to my juice?

How is ElectroFlytes different from other hydration products?

What does Ionic Mean?

Can I take ElectroFlytes Before my flight?



Highly recommended by flight crew

I am a commercial pilot working for a short-haul airline. I work very unsociable shift patterns which play havoc with my body clock and alertness levels, and I have regularly found myself dehydrated as a result of spending the vast majority of my day in an air-conditioned cabin.

I have been using these Electroflytes on a regular basis every day at work and find them to help significantly not just by re-hydrating but also supporting my energy levels and mitigating the fatigue I encounter working deep late duties. I recommend them to flight and cabin crew along with anyone in the general public who travels often and needs to replenish their bodies and a healthy way and minimise the effects of fatigue.

Mrs A.N.B.

Makes flying so much more pleasant

I used this on a recent long-haul flight and was so impressed! I didn't feel any of the horrible dryness and dehydration I usually feel towards the end of the flight, and I felt so much better when I landed - awake and clear-headed. This little bottle made flying so much more pleasant, and I I think it even helped with jet lag. I'll definitely use it again.

Amazon Customer

Highly recommended

We purchase this as we do a fair amount of flying and with a young baby it is extra important to stay hydrated and help kerp energy up! I was really pleased with results on long haul red eye flights. I definitely felt less lethargic and even experienced slightly less jet lag. My husband also said the same and had started using in his water whilst training.

miss k m johnson

Amazing product!

Excellent product! I fly a lot for work and was given a sample of ElectroFlytes a couple of months ago. It really made a difference to how I felt during and at the end of the flight, helped so much with dehydration and general feeling of wellness. I have just ordered some more, can't recommend this product enough!

Mr. A. Hawley

Love it

This is a great product. I use it when flying as it's great for hydration and leaves you feeling (and looking) much better after a flight. Plus it's great to use at home too. Definitely recommend!

Ian Kingon

10/10 for this amazing product

Love this product . . . felt so much better after international flight. Perfect quantity to take hassle free through customs. Love the fact that it is all natural. 100% recommend - give it a go!


Great product!

Love this product. I am a frequent flyer and cycle regularly and I find electroflytes helps me keep hydrated. Highly recommend this product.

luke palmer


Great product , very handy

Chrissie D

Just what I need for my travels

I fly constantly between Hong Kong and London and I find staying hydrated such a bore. This product really helped me to get down to the healthy business of staying in my best condition by injecting more punch into my otherwise really dull water. Knowing that I can just add this whilst I'm eating my peanuts and watching a movie at 35,000 feet takes quite a lot of the discomfort away from flying. And the small, easy-to-fly with packages mean they're easy to get onto the plane with. Thanks!


No more headaches- yay!

Thank god! I though it was just me ... I’m always on the late flight out of Montreal and found a busy schedule as soon as I land back home was near impossible to cope with, now at least I don’t get crazy headaches anymore and somehow feel more alert ... great product. Can I buy in bulk?

Anna R

really good

small and handy to take on flights, seemed to work well


Keep hydrated on long flights

Great product to stay hydrated on long flights.

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